Welcome to The Art of Memoir! I’m KiKi Walter “The Memoir Queen.” (As appointed by my crack team of editors, well—and myself, at The Memoirist.)

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Well—the name is fairly self-explanatory. The purpose of The Art of Memoir is to provide writers interested in writing memoirs the tools and insight into the craft of the genre. I’ll also share my stories and thoughts when it comes to the creative process.

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About Me

I’ve been a memoirist and humorist for as long as I can remember. It did not take me long to discover that memoir and humor were my bag. I was pretty active on the blogger scene back in the early 2000s and had a blog called Flibbertigibbet where I posted mostly memoir pieces. In the mid-2000s, I pulled everything due to some personal stuff I was going through and unintentionally stopped writing (personal writing) for about a decade. In my career, I’m a content director, so I write and edit on a daily basis, but I stopped pursuing my own work for a long time. I did not feel comfortable being open and vulnerable during that period. This year brought many changes, and with those changes, I knew it was time to feed my spirit again and turn back to my first love of memoir writing.

I run several publications on Medium: The Memoirist, Age of Empathy, The Mayhem, The Writing Pub, Black Bear, Songstories, and QuickTalk.

Connect with me on the Twitter: @kikiwalter

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KiKi Walter

Ki is a writer, editor, and memoirist living in South Orange County, CA. She is the publisher and EIC of several popular Medium publications, including The Memoirist, Black Bear, & Age of Empathy. Ki co-hosts the weekly podcast The Unfocused Writer.